A Shift to Search Engine Optimization

Due to changes in the economic climate of in our country there has been a shift towards Search Engine Optimization.  Companies are mostly taking budgets out of traditional advertising and putting those budgets toward Internet.  Some companies are even shifting budgets from other online marketing like banner advertising and even Pay Per Click and moving the budgets toward Search Engine Optimization. In some cases the move from other online marketing to Search Engine Optimization is very effective, but the shift from Pay Per Click into Search Engine Optimization should be done in a certain way to make sure to maximize the results and return on investment of both.  It is important to provide enough volume of sales or leads during the transition.  Done right Pay Per Click and Search Optimization are best to be done together.  One feeds off the other.  The best solution is to have an expert review you current Pay Per Click and SEO results in comparison to the opportunity to make a determination on what the best way to go.  The key is to maximize the return on the investment of the budget available and to maximize revenue.    

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