Search Engine Marketing Stimulus Package

Google, Yahoo, and MSN should offer a Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Stimulus Package to help jump start the economy.  Obviously the search engines aren’t as big or as powerful as the United States Government, but if the search engine gave a week or even a day of free Pay Per Click advertising it would make a small difference and send a strong signal about the power of Internet Marketing.  The Internet Economy is one of the bright spots in the economic portfolio. It is incredible that the financial world is in the middle of their version of the Dot Com Boom from about a decade ago.  The stock market, like the Dot Coms of the past, has company valuations based on future potential and even hype.  Apple is an innovative company and the iPod and iPhone are truly impressive products, but Apple’s valuation seems to be a little overinflated.  It seems that greed, dishonesty, and over enthusiasm could jeopardize capitalism as we know it today.  I have my fingers crossed that the Government Stimulus Packages and the hope and hard work of the American people will be enough to keep our freedom and quality of life at the levels we are used to.  It is ironic that the good news about housing prices and the economy can change based on consumer confidence.  If the search engines won’t stimulate the economy maybe the American people can band together and become confident again.  We need to work hard and innovate to stay the best country on the planet.

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