Search Engine Optimization Specialist

There are new requirements of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist due to Social Media and the adoption of multimedia into search results due to Google Universal Search.  Although it makes it even more difficult to obtain top rankings, this is great news that allows Search Engine Optimization Specialists to utilize a wider range of techniques.  Interworks One has consistently achieved excellent results for its clients by focusing primarily on the fundamental elements of Search Engine Optimization including relevancy and link popularity. The importance of relevancy is paramount.  Onsite techniques allow Search Engine Optimization Specialists to “tell” the search engines what a website is about and what specifically what a website is about.  Several techniques are used to “show” that a website is about a topic.  Keeping several factors aligned make it fairly easy for the search engines to “determine” that a website is relevant to a set of keywords and “should” be listed at the top of the search engine for those keywords. Link Popularity including the importance, the topic, and number of inbound links is also a major factor important for achieving top search engine rankings.  These inbound links or “votes of confidence” from other websites allow the search engines to “determine” the importance of a website or webpage in relation to a specific topic.  Having a good number of “authority” links to a website can give a webpage the power to reach the top of the search engine results.  

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