If you are looking to run an Internet business there are several areas you must take care of if you want to scale your business and grow you website to a size where you can reach a significant number of customers. The biggest challenge with growing a successful Internet business is ironically the fact that the barriers to entry for starting an Internet business are so low. Given this you will most certainly have an extensive amount of competition. Given this, as easy as it is to setup a website you will really need to work hard to get noticed and to standout from all of your competition. The first step to being able to do this is being found and this is where search engine optimization firms can help you. The key to being found is to rank highly (and above your competitors) for search terms that are most likely to be used by your customers. This is where having a website optimization specialist working for you really pays off. Your competitors will be angling to rank highly for these terms as well and so to do well you need an SEO firm that has the expertise to position you effectively.